Why Do So Many People Quit Driving For Uber?


Even Uber’s own numbers have shown that half of all drivers quit after just one year.

one comment from a real driver:

Here are the reasons I believe most drivers quit Uber;
1) you are not making as much money as you thought you would
2) you realize the expenses are higher than you thought they would be (see #1 above)

3) you begin to realize the dangers of driving, from unruly passengers, idiot drivers and the mere law of averages that says if you spend enough time on the road, an accident is almost inevitable.
4) you realize that Uber doesn’t just hire drivers, it also manipulates, abuses and misleads them
5) you realize that YOU are doing all the work and taking all the risks & it doesn’t match the pay you get
6) you hear that Uber drivers in other cities get paid much more than you do for the same exact job.
7) you always get responses (2 days later) from Uber that in no way address your original question
8) you hear of Uber’s multi-millions and see none of that going to drivers
9) you know that you’ll be replaced by a driverless vehicle within a few years and figure out how that plays into Uber’s poor relationship with drivers
10) you work hard, have a DR of 4.92, take every UberPool request that comes your way, drive miles out of your way to return an item left in your car by a rider and what does that mean to your boss: zero.
11) Uber has gazillions of $$$ but can’t afford and 800# for WORKING drivers to get assistance
12) Riders can complain; you can’t.
13) the Uber app will betray you more often than you think
14) a rider having a bad day personally will often take it out on you
15) Uber is the most arrogant company in the world who spends more on lawsuits that will help it to continue to be an abusive and preserve it’s dominance.


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