‘A danger to wives and daughters’: Petition to boycott Target over transgender-inclusive bathrooms claims growing support – The Washington Post


This means a man can simply say he “feels like a woman today” and enter the women’s restroom … even if young girls or women are already in there.

Target’s policy is exactly how sexual predators get access to their victims. And with Target publicly boasting that men can enter women’s bathrooms, where do you think predators are going to go?

Clearly, Target’s dangerous new policy poses a danger to wives and daughters.

The Separation Of Bathroom & State | Zero Hedge


The only place where bathrooms, showers, etc., must conform with biological sex is in government owned facilities — courtrooms, city halls, schools, etc., where this separation is not possible. So yes, in North Carolina 12-year old boys, defined by what body parts they are sporting, may not use the girls’ locker room and showers after gym class at the local public middle school. Of course private middle schools are free to do what they want. 

Facebook, Apple, Google, other tech CEOs demand North Carolina repeal anti-LGBT law

The Chicago Pension Scandal: $100,000+ Teacher Pensions Costing Taxpayers $1 Billion | Zero Hedge


Illinois is completely insolvent, and in large part due to enormous pension liabilities which as of December were underfunded to the tune of $111 billion

 $1 out of every $3 collected by the Illinois income tax now goes toward retirement annuities. That’s the equivalent of all income taxes paid by 2 million Illinois taxpayers every year.

Guest Post (Part I): Demystifying Deep Reinforcement Learning – Nervana


It has been hailed since then as the first step towards general artificial intelligence – an AI that can survive in a variety of environments, instead of being confined to strict realms such as playing chess.

The most amazing part of this algorithm is that it learns anything at all. Just think about it – because our Q-function is initialized randomly, it initially outputs complete garbage. And we are using this garbage (the maximum Q-value of the next state) as targets for the network, only occasionally folding in a tiny reward. That sounds insane, how could it learn anything meaningful at all? The fact is, that it does.

It is often said, that artificial intelligence is something we haven’t figured out yet. Once we know how it works, it doesn’t seem intelligent any more. But deep Q-networks still continue to amaze me. Watching them figure out a new game is like observing an animal in the wild – a rewarding experience by itself.

An Open Letter to Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam

from medium: Yet on a work call the other day, one of the managers said technicians like me were “tools to accomplish a task.”

Out-of-town assignments have become arbitrary, disruptive and extended. Your managers have started pulling technicians from our home communities and sending us across the state, sometimes 300 miles away, to work for weeks at a time. These last-second moves are turning our lives upside down. And now you want to make these reassignments even worse by sending us with just a few days’ notice anywhere from Massachusetts to Virginia for up to two months?

comment 1: Verizon. One of USAs biggest companies. Amount of federal income taxes paid in 2010? Zero. $705 million tax refund. American Jobs Cut in 2010? In 2010, Verizon announced 13,000 job cuts, the third highest corporate layoff total that year.

comment 2: I worked for a Fortune 5 company many years back. (prior to getting laid off myself). We were required to cut a $1 million from our department’s quarterly budget, which always results in laying off people. Sitting at the managers meeting, I suggested we cut the annual salary bonus, which would have saved 5 jobs at least. Sadly, not the suggestion the team went with!

comment 3: Not caring for their employees means they’re not caring for their customers. Mr. Hylton is being sent on these trips probably because they’ve cut the work force to save wages and up their profits. Too many American corporations are doing this, plus hiding their profits offshore and paying few if any taxes. These corporations have such high profits that they can spend lavishly on buying Congressmen and lobbyists that will keep laws from changing this system. 99% of us are suffering from this while the 1% is loving it.

// now understand why bernie sanders has so many supporters.