Pachi and GoGUI on Mac Quick Run

// Like most old open source programs, it’s very hard to find instructions to setup quickly.


$ git clone

$ cd pachi

make MAC=1 DOUBLE=1

Now ./pachi is ready


First tried this and it does not work as it depends on java 1.6. But java 1.6 is deprecated and no easy way to install.

$ brew install homebrew/games/go-gui

Source is here

Just download

unzip and u can run

$ java -jar ~/Downloads/gogui-1.4.9/lib/gogui.jar

Now u r ready to play with Pachi! (But it took me quite some time to figure out)

First run the above cmd to launch gogui. Then

Program -> New Program

Specify the parameters:

Command: ./pachi

Working Directory: <path_to_pachi_source>

On my machine, it’s /Users/ferryzhou/Documents/Temp/pachi

Click OK, and OK again. Now u r ready to play, just start clicking on board.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 7.23.39 AM

Check to see more parameters.


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