America: Imagine a World without Her Quote 4 – In The Name of The Ordinary Citizen, Progressives Have Declared War On The Wealth Creators

For most of human history, wealth was presumed to be finite. Consider a boy on the playground with ten marbles. How can he get more marbles? There is only one way. He has to take someone else’s marbles. In the same way, wealth was mostly in land and the only way to get land was to take it. Conquest, in other words, was the natural mode of human acquisition. That’s how most countries were founded, through force and conquest.

America developed a new ethic, the ethic of wealth creation. America is founded on the understanding that wealth can be created through innovation and enterprise. Through the system of technological capitalism, we can go from ten marbles to twenty marbles without taking anyone’s marbles.

the progressives are the real thieves, in that they use the power of the state to seize the property and possessions of people who have earned them. In the name of the ordinary citizen, progressives have declared war on the wealth creators. Yet they are not on the side of the ordinary citizen, because their policies lead to stagnation, impoverishment, indebtedness, and decline—all in evidence today. It is progressives who rely on government seizure and bureaucratic conquest to achieve their goals and increase their power.


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