anti-decay 1: virtualize and syncing

physical things are easy to break, like a machine, a hard drive, a chair, a light bulb

virtual things are anti-decaying, like information, a name, a story

the greatness of the digital world is that it’s virtual. everything becomes information, becomes 0 and 1 bits.

virtual things are real things

but bits are hosted in physical machines

if the physical machine break, every bits inside it lost

to keep the life of bits even if machine breaks, a simple strategy is copy the bits to another machine

if the bits are immutable, copy is ok. otherwise, the different set of bits decays when they are not synced.

so sync is a better strategy

but sync is only available when network is available

so network is great

another strategy is aliasing. like a domain name. it can be set to point to different ip addresses. if a machine breaks, the domain still works. domain names are anti-decay.

google invented file systems which is anti-decay

a file path is independent on physical machine in a data center. so any hard drive / machine broken does not matter.


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