scale and quality

read a quora post yesterday

found the high quality answers (as well as truth) lie in the comments section, where real people show their real feelings and real opinions.

and there are lots of comments

its like a forum

today searched google on this issue, and found all news media is rigged, nothing real.

the news media is superficial, biased, detached from real thing

quora is like a wikipedia where everyone can participate.

and most importantly, it use voting mechanism to filter out the best

however, quora seems biased to positive vote and biased to page/content views, biased to answers not comments.

now i understand zhihu is up.

traditional news media is like encyclopedia and quora is like wikipedia

but quora is not good enough yet.

long time ago, i thought blog can win over traditional media, but i am wrong.

blog is another form of media. only a single voice.

forum is actually better, but quality and content curation is a big issue.

stackoverflow is a big success on the issue. the best answer floats up.

quora tries to tackle a different set of problems, but far away from stackoverflow.


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