Antifragile Quote 45 – The Antifragility Of A System Comes From The Mortality Of Its Components

Both present and the future tribes exploited the fragility of individuals to strengthen themselves. People engaged in sacrifices, sought martyrdom, died for the group, and derived pride from doing so; they worked hard for future generations.

Sadly, as I am writing these lines, the economic system is loading future generations with public governmental debt, causing depletion of resources, and environmental blight to satisfy the requirements of the security analysts and the banking establishment

the antifragility of a system comes from the mortality of its components

on one extreme, Richard Lewontin estimates, “in the last 50 years, only four months have been added to the expected life span of a person who is already 60 years old.”

The principal disease of abundance can be seen in habituation and jadedness (what biologists currently call dulling of receptors); Seneca: “To a sick person, honey tastes better.”

Under opacity and in the newfound complexity of the world, people can hide risks and hurt others, with the law incapable of catching them.

What we have currently is the opposite: power seems to go to those, like bankers, corporate executives (nonentrepreneurs), and politicians, who steal a free option from society.


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