Antifragile Quote 44 – Stressors Of Excercise Are Good

I wonder how people can accept that the stressors of exercise are good for you, but do not transfer to the point that food deprivation can have the same effect.

we get sharper and fitter in response to the stress of the constraint.

Researchers rationalize now with the mechanism of autophagy (eating oneself): when deprived of external sources, the theories are that your cells start eating themselves, or breaking down proteins and recombining amino acids to provide material for building other cells. It is assumed by some researchers (for now) that the “vacuum cleaner” effect of autophagy is the key to longevity—though

Scientists use the narrative that starvation causes the expression of a gene coding a protein called SIRT, SIRT1, or sirtuin, which brings longevity and other effects.

a little bit of anything seems to harbor positive convexity effects (whether beneficial or harmful); add to it and the effect weakens.


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