bad amazon

i bought a kindle 6 inch for $49 at Nov, 2013

two days ago, half of the screen become frozen, and half is OK

tried reset but not useful

googled this issue and found many people has the same issue

some people said contact CS and they gave you a replacement for discounted price

so contact CS

the replacement?

option 1: paperwhite 3G + wifi, > $170
option 2: paperwhite 3G + wifi > $160

option 3: paperwhite 3G + wifi > $120

option 4: refurbished paperwhite 3G + wifi, > $100

option 5: refurbished paperwhite 3G + wifi, $89

what the hell?!

in this

some people got 4 kindle and all of them broke in the same way:

Like you, ever single Kindle I’ve had has broken in the exact same "gibberish screen" manner. The screen IS broken, but it doesn’t take dropping or an impact to cause it; it seems all the Kindles with the "paper white" screens have finite lifespan before they break. You can replace the Kindle, or you can get a new screen and fix it, only to have the exact same thing happen to your replacement or fix. After going through 4 of these, I finally swore off Kindle readers. Well, almost — I got a Kindle Fire HD a couple years ago and it is still going strong. I’ll use the LCD-equipped Fire HD until it crashes, then I’m going with another technology. The Kindle technology is flawed and should have never been released to the consumer market in its present state.

my father’s palm pixi plus was bought more than 4 years ago for $36 and still well functioning. kindle is really bad. last less than 2 years.

the most ridiculous thing is: Amazon offer "replacement", the all 5 options are 3G devices.


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