Harkin Unveils HELP Committee Investigation Revealing Widespread Labor Law Violations Among Major Government Contractors


almost 30 percent of companies receiving the highest penalties for violations of federal labor law are also federal contractors.

an explosion at a grain elevator owned by the Bartlett Grain Company in October 2011 resulted in the death of six workers and left two others hospitalized. Bartlett was cited for five willful and eight serious violations of workplace safety laws and was assessed $406,000 in initial penalties by OSHA in April 2012. Bartlett Grain also received $16.3 million in federal contracts in 2012.

in 2010, seven workers were killed at a Tesoro-owned refinery in Anacortes, Washington. Nevertheless, Tesoro received $463 million in federal contracts in fiscal year 2012.

Overall, the 49 federal contractors responsible for large violations of federal labor laws were cited for 1,776 separate violations of these laws and paid $196 million in penalties and assessments. In fiscal year 2012, these same companies were awarded $81 billion in taxpayer dollars.

harkin’s report: Acting Responsibly? Federal Contractors Frequently Put Workers’ Lives and Livelihoods at Risk

as response, obama issued an executive order: Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces. the fact sheet is more readable.


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