end of fiscal year

the project is successfully delivered, and customer is happy, said "fantastic job"

the process is painful, and it’s stressful during the last two weeks

yesterday afternoon i resolved the last issue and feels relieved

many obstacles stands in the process

for this small project (a couple of million level), at least 5 parties involved (not counting customer):
1) our dev team, design, prototype, develop, test
2) data center team, prod infrastructure, deployment
3) ops support team, dev/qa infrastructure, dns, firewall rules, smtp
4) security team, ato, scan
5) fed manager
6) procurement team

about 2 to 3 meetings every week.

recipients number in email threads can easily go up to 10 or more

communication and response is slow, sometimes requests are ignored.

5 month is wasted due to initial wrong procurement and later re-procurement

security team jumped in, jumped out and jumped in again, due to confusion of ato.

everything has to be prepared and requested early, as it normally takes 1 ~ 2 week get it done. for instance, it takes about 2 weeks to get a dns

initial documentation process is also time consuming, review, review and review, each review may take 1 to 4 weeks.

many things need authorization and justification

it’s feeling bad and frustrated when many little stuff are not in control and have to rely on non-responsive others, such as helping customer install software, requesting vm, requesting dns, requesting smtp whitelist,

lots of restrictions due to security concerns. everything has to be certified.

and last ridiculous scheme: contract ends 9/29 and thus we cannot officially help customer unless being approved by fed boss. it’s like a big bang and then suddenly end. not healthy, not friendly.


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